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So much looking forward to this set up:
Control room: UFX+ with Dante, ARC and proper surround support in the Control Room Section
Song-booth/ADR-room: Babyface Pro with Dante
Studio: OctaMic XTC with Dante

I would like to use RME hardware (so trustworthy and future safe), the existing network, reach all rooms in the building, no new cables.

The same equipment on location used in a different way (for stereo recordings):
"Control room": Babyface Pro
In the hall: UFX+ and OctaMic XCT

When will it be possible? I’m holding my breath! :-)

All the best for Christmas!

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Same here!

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

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Quick question in between, why esp. Dante and not AVB ?
Wouldn't AVB have the advantage not having to pay royalties for Dante Chip ?
Or do you currently see more interesting devices with Dante chip ?

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That really is a relevant question.
I have been monitoring the development of audio over IP for quiet some year’s now, hoping for an open standard to take off. At the same time following Audinate (makers of Dante) evolving.

My conclusion today (as far as I understand things) is that it’s still several years before, if ever, AVB (& Milan) will reach the same combination of “plug & play” and flexibility as Dante. The need for special routers adds to the cost of AVB and makes it less usable in “on location” networks. Add to that the multitude of gear available with Dante compability.

John Huntington covers it very well in this article: … ocomm-2018


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AVB is superior to Dante regardless, and has been adopted by all the major livesound speaker manufacturers. AVB bridges are getting cheaper, and the protocol is an open source format so I expect it will be adopted and replace Dante very quickly.