Topic: HDSPe PCI , Multiface II and Windows 10


I've got a new PC running Windows 10. I've been trying all day to get the RME HDSPe card and Multiface 2 to work but unfortunately to no avail. At first the Multiface was not recognized at all (Error status in the IO box field) After a few re-installs and removing the card several times in te end the familiair red light was glowing while booting the PC and the status is connected.

But after a few seconds the Yellow Midi Out light starts to blink every seconds and in Total FX every channel is overloading while through the speakers the most horendous sounds are coming through.

I tried replacing the firewire cable but then it's not recognized again, only the long factory cable works strangely enough.

Any ideas on what to do or do I have to say goodbye , it would be a shame ...

Thanks, Teddy


Re: HDSPe PCI , Multiface II and Windows 10

Try an external power supply or a different external power supply for the Multiface.

Matthias Carstens

Re: HDSPe PCI , Multiface II and Windows 10

Hi Matthias, thanks for your reply. Boy using an external power supply and changing the FireWire cable nos it seems to work , i'll do more testing today but for now thanks again !