Topic: Internal 3pin SYNC IN/OUT limitation ???

Hi all,
is the internal connector limited to 48khz ?
I have 2 RME HDSPe AES 32.
AES(1) is set to " INTERNAL " and AES(2) is set to " SYNC IN ".
In AES(2) input status show " SYNC ".
if I set a frequency upper than 48khz for AES(1), then AES(2) divides by two the sample rate and the buffer size !
What's wrong ?
Another question, in GLOBAL tab, what is "Alt. Multi-card mode" ?


Re: Internal 3pin SYNC IN/OUT limitation ???

Sounds more like you did not start any ASIO software to set the sample rate to 96 kHz etc. The internal word clock is always single speed.

And the option introduced in driver 4.21 is described in detail in the driver's readme.

Matthias Carstens