Topic: Feature request - Digicheck Scaling

I would dearly love to be able to have the meter scale displayed as a standard BBC/EBU type PPM. This scale is pretty universal across the European broadcast industry. At the moment I have a paper scale taped to the side of the LCD, but it doesn't look very professional!

Re: Feature request - Digicheck Scaling

In fact, why not go the whole hog and have a replica meter, full stop.  I know there are many software VU meter displays out there, but NONE of them, to my eyes, render the ballistics accurately, smoothly and elegantly.   I am less accustomed to the PPM - either BBC 1 -7 or EBU -50 to +5 extended scale (Nordic?) - as we tend to talk VU here in broadcasting.  (There have been many attempts to shift to PPMs - which would seem natural when dealing with peak-limited transmission systems - but the inertia and conservatism is too great.  Australia is a definite case of deja-VU!)

Anyway, it is well known that the human eye appreciates angle and change of angle faster than anything else - which is where a moving pointer meter wins in real-time operations.  For PPM, a gated single 'movement' is acceptable, where the value displayed is that of the greatest of the input signals.  In conjunction with balance and other displays in the Totalyser, in my view this would move it closer to perfection.

I know there are other higher priority tasks demanding MC's attention, but I would love to see what his coding ingenuity could do to fill this large gap in program monitoring.

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