Topic: RayDAT with Ubuntu 18.04


I’m trying to use a RayDAT with Ubuntu 18.04 and can get sound out of individual speakers using ‘speaker-test’ and specifying the device as plughw:HDSPMx<SN>, where <SN> is the serial number of my device, as it shows when running

aplay -l

I want to keep using the name to specify the card, as the order of cards is different on each reboot. Is there a way to modify the .asoundrc file to allow me to use


to play a sound on a specific channel or to record on a specific channel?


Re: RayDAT with Ubuntu 18.04

I've tried to modify my ~/.asoundrc file similarly to what was done in this post, however as stated earlier, I'm trying to avoid using "hw:1,0", "hw:0,0", etc since the card order changes on subsequent reboots:

I've looked at this post, too. I might keep playing around with the settings to see if I can get it working, but would appreciate any help.