Topic: HDSP 9632 and Ubuntu 18.04

Hi Folks,

Long time browser, first time poster. I'm having some trouble setting up my HDSP 9632 on my linux machine.

Setup: HP EliteDesk 800 with Ubuntu 18.04 -> HDSP 9632 -> Behringer ADA8200 -> amp -> speaks. The behringer is set to 48000Hz and syncing to ADAT in
I've got Alsa, alsa-tools, alsa-firmware-loaders, etc. loaded up and I've edited a bunch of configuration files all per multiple forum posts and  the ALSA website

Symptom: Right now I can see the card in the system settings, load hdspmixer, and send audio to the card successfully on multiple channels. However, the audio I hear sounds horribly bit reduced. If I play a sine tone, I get a crunchy square/sync tone out of my speakers and when I change the frequency of the sine I get a sort of ring-mod/freq-mod sound. There are also instantaneous glitches in the audio twice every second which is (coincidentally?) the refresh rate of the meters in hdsp mixer. Any suggestions for what I can do next? after a few days battling this thing, I'm stumped

Re: HDSP 9632 and Ubuntu 18.04

Oh, its worth noting that I dual booted my machine (exact same setup) in to Windows and the thing worked fine. Sadly, for my purposes I need the linux side working.

Thanks in advance!