Topic: RME ADI-8 DS mk1 with long sync time

A year ago I bought an RME ADI-8 Pro DS MK1 converter. I have been perfectly happy when recording with the unit. Great sound quality.

However, every time I turn on the ADI-8, it needs one an a half hour to syncronize with my computer and audio interface before I'm able to record with it.

Is this normal or is something wrong?

When the unit syncronizes it starts blinking - with all lights - intensely at a very high speed. After going through different processes -  a lot of blinking and lights switching from left to right etc. - the unit works perfectly and is able to record on all channels, but it would be nice if I could avoid this altogether.

The unit is hooked up to my TC Electronic Konnekt 48 audio interface with optical fiber cables.

I was recommended by RME to contact the danish RME department but so far they have not answered.

Best regards

- Jesper


Re: RME ADI-8 DS mk1 with long sync time

You bought a used unit and its power supply now fails due to age. Can be replaced quite easily.

Matthias Carstens