Topic: Madiface pro/ Ableton live output problem.


We have here this setup:

Macbook pro 10.9  OS
Ableton live
Madiface pro

As we try to set sound out from  Ableton to software output channels over 10,
the signal is not present.
First 10 channels work ok, but channels from 11 and up no.

What can cause this?   
Probably very simple reason, but just dont get it now:)

As i come more from windows side and use ASIO, is there something at Coreaudio that must be activated for to
get all channels work?

Thank you

Re: Madiface pro/ Ableton live output problem.

Are you sure, that you activate the outputs in abletons preferences ? And you can select the outs in the output settings of the track?
If yes, the signal must be visible in the middle line of total mix. ?
In Totalmix pref, you can deselect channels, than, they are not visible. maybe this ?

same set up here, hope, I can help ..