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sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but i can't seem to find the answer by searching. I have a babyface pro and just bought a new USB microphone (EDITOR'S KEYS SL300). i can't seem to get total mix to recognize the USB input. it works in my DAW, but when i try to monitor i get nothing in my headphones connected to total mix. the only way i can make it work is by turning in monitoring in ny DAW but then  i get a doubling echo effect. any help would be appreciated.

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Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

You need a normal microphone you connect to your babyface with a XLR. This will not work as you noticed. There is no direct connection between the mic and the rme so only via software (your daw) and there will always be a delay.

But you don't mention your computer, not even mac or windows. It will not matter much, still the wrong mic.

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Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

ASIO4ALL would be the only (ugly) solution.
Better buy a real Mic.

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Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

Maybe this can help?


Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

Sorry all. I’m running El Capitan on a MacBook Pro.

Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

This helped me.

Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

Basically you have bought the wrong microphone. A usb microphone is in fact it’s own audio interface with its own driver and is not part of the Babyface driver.

My suggestion is send it back if you can and if not sell it. Then buy a microphone that you can connect to your Babyface via an XLR cable.

USB microphones are not meant to be use with an audio interface. They are stand alone and quite a new thing over the last few years.