Topic: Just a heads up on Magma PCIe host card compatibility

CPU-Q9450 Quad
MOBO-Gigabyte DS3P
DDR2 4G 800 CL5
Gigabyte 8600GT 512meg Dual DVI
Magma x 13 w/ 4 x UAD-1 cards
Magma x 13 w/RME HDSP Multiface,  MADI & AES 32

I'm using the PEHIFX1 host card with the Magma that is hosting my 3 x RME cards. It is performing perfectly with the RME cards occupying slots 1, 5 and 11 and the host interfacing with a PCIe slot that does not share resources with the SATA RAID controller or the graphics card. the Magma that is hosting the 4 x UAD-1 cards is interfacing via PCI. Having the two Magmas (more or less) on separate busses works very nicely and I'm getting very good low latency performance (64k buffers) while dubbing with a fairly respectable load of UAD-1 processors already instantiated on existing tracks.

HDSPe MADI-FX, M-32 AD, M-32 DA, ADI-8 QS, ADI 192 DD, ADI 648, Mytek Stereo 96 AD/DA