Topic: ADI-8 DS with AIO

I'm attempting to use my ADI-8 to record 88.2 audio.  I can't quite figure it out. I'm using Live with it and I don't see a change in the input config when push the DS button on the ADI-8, usually in the  past, the number of inputs would be cut in half.  I don't see any change in Live preferences. So it says the audio is 88.2 but i'm suspicious that it isn't.

the routing is:

MIC --> ADI-8 via TDIF ins. AIO is connected to the ADI using optical cables.

Can anyone help? thanks!


Re: ADI-8 DS with AIO

The Settings dialog of the AIO will clear shows the card's current sample rate and the clock/sync situation.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ADI-8 DS with AIO

when i push the DS button in the PROCESS section of ADI it doesn't seem to impact anything on my Windows setup.  Usually, when choosing DS for high sample rates the computer will show half the devices one normally has using 48kHz or 44.1 kHz, my system doesn't change. In addition when I chose DS there is no sound going into the AIO card (using single mic input through the TDIF inputs on the ADI).   My files show that they are 88.2kHz but i suspect they're 88.2 in size only, not actually 88.2 amount of information. rather, an 88.2 file with 44.1 worth of info.