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My old FF UFX stopped working. While I wait for the repair estimate, I am researching more modern replacement options. Obviously, UFX II is an option, but maybe I am overlooking other solutions from RME. I want to stay with RME products.

My use is for playback only in a home environment. I use the UFX as a sound card in a windows pc as follows:

External source > usb > Usb-to-AES converter > AES/EBU digital input to UFX > USB connection to windows 10 PC > ASIO to "Acourate" software Digital Room Correction and crossover (Convolver) > D/A conversion by UFX > balanced output to 2 stereo subs + 2 main speakers.

In my setup, I also use the UFX microphone preamp to make measurements needed for digital room correction.

In playback, the UFX is working as a mixer, D/A converter and a preamp for 4 channel analog output. I also use one of the headphone analog outputs to drive a stereo amp and speakers in a secondary room.

Budget - the replacement UFX II is sold for CAD$3100 in Canada + 13% tax. My budget for an alternative solution is up to CAD$6000 if there is a useful increment in sound reproduction and/or convenience.

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Re: UFX replacement ideas

Best ADDA conversion quality you will have today with ADI-2 Pro FS, ADI-2 DAC, ADI-2 FS and M32 AD / DA Pro.

You could think of a combination of UFX II in combination with ADI-2 Pro FS and/or ADI-2 DAC.

I personally use an UFX+ with ADI-2 Pro FS BE in my recording corner to drive monitors and phones.

Additionally I connected an ADI-2 DAC to the UFX+ via 15m TOSLINK cable to perform D/A conversion in front of my HiFi for TV, Bluray and Music coming from PC.

With a 4:1 TOSLINK switcher (which also has a remote control) I can switch between up to 4 digital sources in front of the ADI-2 DAC.

For TV, Bluray, PC as Music player the ADI-2 DAC's features like ie remote control, dynamic loudness, auto reflevel are very nice. Many people use it as a preamp for the PowerAmp.

The ADI-2 Pro FS is interesting for me in the recording corner as it supports 2 equal phones outputs for phones comparisons and has more options (AES, A/D conversion, also supports higher studio levels).

You will like the UFX II/+ a lot because it got some nice improvements over the old flagship interface UFX, see my blog article's … 8-RME-UFX/ … tup-EN-DE/

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Re: UFX replacement ideas

Thanks Ramses. Very helpful, including the blog links

UFX+; RME Thunderbolt ASIO to Win10x64; AcourateConvolver digital crossover & room correction