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Topic: I would like to propose a M-32 Pro variant with 16xAD and 16xDA

The good thing about the M-32 Series is
- AD/DA quality
- different reference levels for input and outputs per channel (more flexibility in use)
- MADI and AVB support (future save)
- remote managment by web interface
- the new display to configure the unit
- redundant power supply (not really demanded by me)
- many channels in one rack unit

I think for a smaller project studio or enthusiasts it would be cool to have another M-32 Pro variant:
- AD and DA in one device / rack unit
- having the same amount of inputs and outputs to be able to connect external devices

Something like a M-32 Pro with 16x AD and 16x DA would be really nice.
Together with one or two  DTOX 16 depening on how many you require at once.

I think this would have some more advantages

- fits better to existing MADI products and needs only 1 additional rack unit (RU) to give you both, AD and DA

- easier to purchase only one expensive device which already gives you AD and DA
  compared to having to purchase two expensive units to get AD and DA

- from technical perspective a device with 16 AD and 16 DA channels fits better to one MADI bus
  to be able to record up to 192 kHz maybe for true HiRes audio purposes

What do you think about it ?
I would be very glad about a M-32 Pro offering 16 AD and DA.

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