Topic: Desperate to move away from Mac and Windows

I am trying to move all my music production to linux but it is very difficult.

There is no vendor of ready made pc linux systems specifically for audio / music.

Thunderbolt audio interfaces are in many ways the best solution, but there are no audio interface vendors that support linux for thunderbolt. PCIe, is almost as bad.

VST vendors also for the most part refuse to support linux.

So we users are trapped. Please help us.

Lack of linux support is keeping me from purchasing your hardware even though I know it is the best. I am sure I am not alone.

Re: Desperate to move away from Mac and Windows

GNU/Linux is very DIY as you've found out. But with great power gives great opportunity and I guess responsibility.

So, that said, KX Studio has been the most recommended distro. However, falkTX's on a break and only provides repos and some software at the current point in time. Not a full distro. Things will come easier after awhile, play on a spare laptop/computer and things will be easier.

A distro is like an OS but it's just a version of Linux. And most popular distros are based on Debian. That is, Ubuntu and also KXStudio (the distro not currently available). That is where I'd start if I was at the beginning.

All Class Compliant USB audio devices work well. RME has CC mode devices but I'm not clear on what functionality has been removed for this to be available. Behringer USB work well on Linux as they don't require special modes to work (don't need to set parameters on Win/Mac) and believe it or not don't sound bad. Fireface 400/800 are working and UCX has a kernel entry but if you're not familiar with Linux I'd stay away from firewire devices for now.

Hope this helps