Topic: ADI8 QS presses buttons by itself...

I've got a ADI 8 QSM I am using for monitoring and routing.

There is a strange thing happening rarely (maybe once a week or so): The state of the clock setting ("CLOCK") as well as the state of the clock factor ("STATE") may move on to the next available setting in the same manner as if the respective button would have been pressed. However, I don't touch the unit at all. There is no MIDI connected, also no MIDI via MADI and even no MADI connected at all most of the time.

Maybe the buttons just need some cleaning? Any other ideas?


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Re: ADI8 QS presses buttons by itself...

Really no MIDI over MADI in use ? I remember race conditions on the same MADI bus if two different remote management solutions were active at the same time on the same MADI bus, so to say:
1. AUX device for Octamic XTC
2. MIDI Remote for ADI8 QS
Several settings became modified in a random fashion.
Solution was to use either AUX device or MIDI Remote on the same MADI bus.
No problem with HDSPe MADI FX having up to 3 MADI busses.

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Re: ADI8 QS presses buttons by itself...

ramses wrote:

Really no MIDI over MADI in use?

I never use MIDI over MADI. And the error occurs also when no MADI is connected at all.
As written above.