Topic: HDSPe MADIface - On Desktops?


We're considering whether to purchase the HDSPe MADI or the HDSPe MADIface. I'm assuming the guts of the two products are the same, the difference being the bus and breakout.

It would be really sweet, if we could just purchase the HDSPe MADIface, and use something like this to insert it into a desktop PC. I can't imagine such a converter hindering performance, but what is RME's stance on this? Has anyone tested such a product?

Are there any other differences I should be aware of? Oh, and I'm assuming there's no way to use the TCO option with the MADIface?

Re: HDSPe MADIface - On Desktops?

I have asked a similar question here in this thread but I have had no success getting any confirmation.

Let us know if you have any success or find anything out.