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Topic: "Set Ups" for New Users

Hello All!

Wouldn''t it be nice to TRULY Hear the difference between NOS, and SD Sharp?

With my newfound ability to maneuver through "Set Ups" on the ADI-2 DAC like a Pro, I've discovered that in order to make VALID comparisons between Set-Ups, there is one essential condition that must be satisfied in order for the comparison to have any Scientific Validity.  LEVEL!!

When Storing a Set Up, the ADI-2 Stores the ENTIRE STATE of the Unit.  Including your current Volume Setting.   This Value MUST remain Constant for all your Set Ups.   Also, at Playback, your Vol. Level must agree with this stored Value, else there will be Level Change when Switching between Set Ups. 

Even a Second of Re-adjusting Volume to Compensate completely invalidates the Comparison.  The Louder Set Up will invariably be your preference.

Do this, and when Comparing DAC Filters, etc...The difference in Filters, etc is ALL you hear...not a confusing Level Change.

Fun Stuff!


Re: "Set Ups" for New Users

If it matters to anyone, in Blind, Level Matched Comparisons (with my Wife selecting the Set Up)...my Preference in DAC Filters seems to clearly indicate my favorite is SD Sharp. 

Not as dramatic as some might suggest, but in an actual comparison,  there's a subtle "something" about SD Sharp that MY Ear prefers. 


Re: "Set Ups" for New Users

Yes Curt!! Perfect!!!

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Re: "Set Ups" for New Users

Hi Sparky!

Hope my diatribe on Set-Ups proves helpful to You.   The ability to store various Set-Ups with your ADI-2DAC is a very useful feature, but never more so than when comparing DAC Filters!   The DAC stores EVERYTHING...so you must be very meticulous when building these set ups to ensure everything matches.   Slow, and NOS DAC filters have EQ requirements that Im not sure everyone is aware of.  As a result,  just merrily switching between NOS and SD Sharp is a corrupted comparison!   

With 44.1khz material, NOS droops off above 14.3Khz so is it any wonder NOS is perceived as "Smoother"?   HAH!! 
Uncorrected? Your Old Cassette player in the 1980s had a similar response. smile

Set Ups allows you to be SURE that your Comparison ensured that the Proper EQ was applied, Levels were Dead Even, and no stray Treble/Bass/Balance inputs were applied so that ALL you hear is the difference in Filters, and nothing else.

(Watch the Guys at the HiFi Shop Sweat when you trot THAT factoid in!!)

Have Fun, and Happy Listening!

All the Best to You Mate!



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Apart from the useful setup notes: did you miss the latest updates? You can easily set different filters on your remote (Remap) and directly switch between them. No need for Setups.

Matthias Carstens

Re: "Set Ups" for New Users

Viele Dank MC

It seems I've overlooked the latest enhancements to the RME Product, but trust that my Intentions mean well!

My Objective in this discussion was to emphasize the need to keep our Comparisons Scientifically Valid. 

Best to All!