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Topic: HDSPe RayDat on WINDOWS 10 64 bits


Im triying to intall HDSPe RayDat on Windows 10 64bits

i tried installing te driver :

"WDM streaming driver, all HDSP and HDSPe cards/systems
WDM, WDM-KS and ASIO. Version 4.29"

the installer says that the installation finish ok, but


in device manager figure the standard windows driver

i tried installing manually, but windows says that he has the latest driver

in nuendo i cant see anithing, i didnt see any WDM or ASIO drivers.

please help !

There is something to do in windows 10 64 bits ?


Re: HDSPe RayDat on WINDOWS 10 64 bits

Did you restart the PC?

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.