Topic: Having problem with the latest version.

Hi my name is Mariah and I am here to share a problem that I am recently facing. So I have installed the REM version -10.13.2 and after installation the software is not running. I am using mac os, what might have gone wrong ?. I remember installing is very carefully and there was no run time error of anything. It just installed perfectly and now now it is just nit opening. There are no message or anything to inform you guys so that you guys can make an assumption. Is is a faulty update ? or I just downloaded it from somewhere not reliable ?. Further more one more thing that I would like to explain is that the version before that was much more stable and it did perform very well, I do not know what is wrong with this version as I have never experienced such thing with my mac. There are other softwares as well but I just do not want to use any of that as rme is my thing to work with and I like it so much. I am using it for many years and I know all the settings and functions. Thus using any other software would be a waste of time and years of experience going to waste. Please tell me what to do and do not ask for screen shots as the software just do not start after opening, there are no message to show.

Re: Having problem with the latest version.

Sorry, but you did not deliver any useful information for supporting you.
Describe your setup
- What Mac ?
- Which RME recording interface do you use ?
- How is the Recording Interface connected to your Mac (USB, Firewire400, Thunderbolt) ?
- Which RME firmware and driver do you use ?

You said before your recording interface was working.
What exact changes did you perform ?
- Mac OS Upgrade ? Then pls tell the versions before and after change.
- Driver Upgrade ? Then pls tell the versions before and after the change.

And what is your issue now ?
TotalMix FX not starting ?
Do you see the RME driver in the DAW or not ?

If you have a language problem and can not describe in a better way, then pls involve your local dealer.

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