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07/02/2008 - The new 128-channel MADI ExpressCard for laptop computers has started shipping.

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Consisting of the HDSPe ExpressCard MADI and a small breakout box, the MADIface offers full MADI power:

64 channels input and 64 channels output, up to 192 kHz sample rate, in MADI embedded MIDI transmission, complete TotalMix that is even remote controllable and has all features of the HDSPe MADI, as well as lowest latency and CPU load. To make the usage as comfortable as possible, no external power supply is required.

RME's HDSPe ExpressCard MADI is a true PCI Express solution, which consequently takes full advantage of the new format, not only providing the MADI format to latest generation notebooks, but achieving significant performance gains in mobile multitrack audio.

MADIface Flyer (PDF)
MADIface website

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I'm looking at a shelf of MADIface, AES32 pci-e and Raydat cards right now. That new packaging sure does look pretty.


Chris Ludwig | ADK Pro Audio

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Just wait for the new designed Fireface and 19" Premium Line devices packages. They look even better on the shelf.


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What !? tell us more please :-D

regards S-EH

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Presents only on X-mas, not before.

Yours sincerely