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Topic: Fireface UCX successor?


just some thoughts from a happy customer.

First, I'm still using my trusty Multiface. The great and long-term support, totally stable, high quality product with great mutliclient ASIO drivers (to use more application at the same time) is so great. Especially the long driver support(!) and the repair service even after years are outstanding. Because of this great experience I will definitely stick with RME for audio interfaces in the future. This demonstration of pure quality and support is more convincing than any marketing material could be and I consider the Multiface as one of my best technical purchases ever made.

While I'm still happy with my Multiface, I'm starting to think about updating it to the up-to-date converter technology. The Fireface UCX is perfect for me in terms of price range, features and size, but it's also already 8 years old.

When I update my RME interface now I would like to get the latest technology. Therefore I'm waiting for a Fireface UCX successor.

The only things I would like to add to the current UCX:

- Only when not too expensive to add: Direct ARC remote support, I want to use ARC as a fail save monitor controller without the computer as a source of errors.

- A real high quality headphone amp with enough power to drive fancy high-end headphones, with volume controllable via RME ARC remote controller respectively total mix.

- USB-C / thunderbolt connection as an alternative to USB for newer MacBooks and future windows computers, when it makes sense. Maybe even with the additional option to the external power supply to power the unit via usb-c from the computer when you're on the road? Not sure if this is possible.

- Latest converter technology.

- High quality minimal phase parametric EQ with 6+ bands of shelving/notch/h+l pass filters for room correction and headphone tweaking in total mix.

Re: Fireface UCX successor?

ARC USB can be used for any recording interface back to 2001, it only needs TM FX support.
And this has been backported by RME to all those recording interfaces years ago.

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Re: Fireface UCX successor?

I editied this point a bi to make it more clear. I know it's supported via usb and this is such great idea to enable legacy support for older devices, but you have the computer in between. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think direct support in the interface like the UFX+ have is more fail save? I'm always a bit afraid to attach my RME directly to the monitor speakers, because in case of an computer crash I can't mute the volume anymore. And you could have a nasty and loud signal on the monitor.