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Can you operate 2 RME interfaces simultaneously on a Mac?

I have a UFX+ and a Madiface USB. 

I'm trying to get around the limitation in Pro Tools standard that you can only access the first 32 source channels, which on a UFX+ means that you only get 2 MADI tracks!

I want to run the Madiface for the MIDI inputs, and the UFX+ for monitoring and other chores.


Re: 2 RME interfaces

You can via 'Aggregated Devices'. But the units must be synced, that means you must connect MADI of both units (the MF Pro does not have any other input for clock syncing).

Matthias Carstens

Re: 2 RME interfaces

You may realise this - but you could also use loopback to get the madi input on the UFX mapped to lower numbered input ports.

Clunky to set up - but works fine once you’ve done it.

You can then create a pro tools io set with the right port names.

Just remember not to use compression or eq on the madi inputs!

Some day RME may change the driver to allow removal of unused ports, or avid might remove this restriction.

Re: 2 RME interfaces

I have used loopback before.  Yes, it is clunky.   

The main reason I'm shying away from this is that troubleshooting under session pressure becomes pretty difficult.  It's a very non-intuitive way of working.

In an ideal world, RME would provide us with a firmware version that maps MADI to the top slots, so they can be recognized on Pro Tools systems.   But I should also look for a better option than pro tools for location tracking on Mac too.  Hopefully something without an iLok.

Re: 2 RME interfaces

I'm very happy with Boom Recorder for tracking:

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Re: 2 RME interfaces

The solution ended up being:

Preamps into SSL Alphalink
Madi optical from Alphalink into MADIFACE USB
MADIFACE USB into Pro Tools  (PT sees MADI 1-32 from MADIFACE)

Playback/Monitoring from PT to MADI 23&24 into MADIFACE and individual tracks to MADI 1-15
MADIFACE Coax to UFX+ for monitoring & Durec record.

It worked fine, but this would have been easier if the Madi tracks were at or near the top, as Pro Tools sees them via UFX+