Topic: HDSPe causes BSOD Driver Verifier DMA Violation with Thunderbolt 3

This is information from this thread:

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Using a newer computer with a second generation Thunderbolt 3 implemementation, a TB3 to TB2 adapter (Startech or Apple) and a Sonnet Echo TB2 to ExpressCard adapter, or a TB2 to PCIe chassis, Windows throws a Blue Screen Of Death with Driver Verifier DMA Violation warning.

The reason is not known.

This issue seems not present on first generation Thunderbolt 3 implementations (the Thunderbolt Control Center is also different, and the Apple adapter won't work there).

Remedy (special thanks to forum user glittle):
It seems the DMA remapping that is verified by the DMA Verifier process can be disabled via two registry entries.


are both set to 0x00000002(2) by default. These have to be changed to 0x00000000(0).

Be careful with registry modifications as these can destroy your Windows installation easily! If you feel unsure let someone do it who knows this stuff!

Matthias Carstens