Topic: rayDAT works with Akidio Node Duo PCI chassis

After a couple weeks of use, I've run into no issues (knock on wood)

I'm running my studio on a 2017 MBP in clamshell mode hooked to the T3 Akidio Node Duo PCI Chassis.  The RayDAT is my main audio card.  I moved everything over from my old 2008 Mac Pro, and everything seems to be working well.  My UAD Quad seems to be fine too.

I'll tell you if anything changes, but so far so good.

This is my first post... I've been basing my studio's audio on RME gear for 15 years.  I've never registered on the forum here, because I've never had an issue.  Obviously, this post isn't an issue.  Just a public service announcement.  But, man... everything always sounds great... and it's so solid and reliable.