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Topic: Input Device Setup - LEVEL METER

1.May somebody explain me the difference at setting the level meter (right click)
"input device setup", between'Asio Playback Level' and 'Hardware Playback Level'?

2. Why does the Level Meter display OVR, playback a Song @ Winamp, WindowsMediaPlayer,
   or WaveLabLite () selecting @InputDeviceSetup 'Hardware Playback Level'
   and no OVR selecting @InputDeviceSetup 'Asio Playback Level' just touching the 0db mark?
2.1 @Cubase no OVR in both! cases selecting once 'Asio Playback Level' and then
    'Hardware Playback Level, just touching 0 db mark'

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Re: Input Device Setup - LEVEL METER

Please hit the F1 key and read, read and read...

Matthias Carstens