Topic: HDSPe MADIface and LINUX


the current hdspm driver is under heavy development and brought up to the same state as the official version 2.61. This includes support for the MADIface and RayDAT, MIDIoverMADI and TCO support.

Note to MADIface users: Although the current (old) version of the hdspm driver *seems* to work, it uses a wrong value for DDS. You may therefore experience sync problems with external gear since the master clock is 19% too slow. The new driver will be released soon!


Re: HDSPe MADIface and LINUX

Why not posting a link to the driver?

Re: HDSPe MADIface and LINUX

I haven't released it yet since the RayDAT support is still missing and I have to add a serial port for the LTC of the TCO. I just posted it so people who already have a MADIface don't stumble over this small issue.