Topic: ADI-2 pro FS R Power Supply Mounting option

Dear all,

my ADI-2 Pro arrived finally. Oh man, worth every cent:) I should have done the investment much more early...

Just wanted to contribute back to this very informative l and friendly forum.

My ADI-2 sits on the desktop and the Power-Supply was "hanging-around". Not ideal, so I created a case to be screwed against my desk. No more hanging-around power-supply now:)

You can download the stl-file to feed your 3D-printer here:

Many thanks


Re: ADI-2 pro FS R Power Supply Mounting option

Cool, what 3D printer do you have ?

X10SRi-F, Win10 Pro 1909, Cubase, UFX+, Octamic XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS BE/R BE, RayDAT, ARC USB

Re: ADI-2 pro FS R Power Supply Mounting option

Hi Ramses,

I started with very cheap printers like Geetech i3 and Anet A8. Both for the money payed worked fine.
Those got heavily modified over time - a clear sign that once you understand 3d-printing you need more then a simple device.
As example auto-bed leveling and a easy removable print-sheet to "demount" your printed objects becomes important quickly.

Purchased then a creality CR10, as it provides a vary-large print-bed.

Finally I went for a Prusa MK3i. All devices are still fully functional, but I realize that I am by default using the Prusa MK3. It is hazzle-free. It simply works without troubles and print-quality is very nice.
It has one caveat though - the auto-leveling sensor has a huge temp-drift. As the printer is in mine garage, temp-changes are significant between sommer/winter.
Trick to solve the issue is preheating the bed to "warm" up the bed-level sensor. Since then auto-leveling works in cold and hot days as it should.

The one I need to complain is the MMU - an additional unit which can be purchased from Prusa to print "Multi-color". This was a waste of money and huge amount of time.