Topic: Routing for modelled mic in Totalmix.

HI, I want to record in my Daw (Samplitude)
a Mic input (Antelope Verge), clean signal
the same mic modelled with a VST Plugin.
Is this possible with Totalmix. If so, can anyone tell me how I can do this?

Re: Routing for modelled mic in Totalmix.

When recording you record the raw signal, effects come later in the mixing and mastering phase.

TM FX is not designed to work with VSTs .. makes no sense. Do you know / remember all the stability issues that you can get with VSTs in DAWs ? Its good that you do not have any issues like that with TM FX. TM FX needs to be as stable as possible to keep your device operateable in every situation.

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Re: Routing for modelled mic in Totalmix.

Recording the mic directly and with VST processing should be possible right in Samplitude.

Matthias Carstens