Topic: Send audio from Fireface UFX+ to Madiface

Hi everyone.  I'm a new RME user so still wrapping my head around everything.  I want to stream output stems from my main production computer to a separate computer running protools.  I plan to send the audio via MADI from the UFX+ to a madiface.  But, because the madiface doesn't have D/A, there is no way to monitor the audio.  Is this correct?  In this case, can I send the sum of the audio from Pro tools back to the UFX+ and monitor in Total mix? If this is possible in real-time, how much latency is this going to add? Obviously it is dependent on buffer size in both pro tools and cubase, but I'm curious how much extra latency is added by MADI running back and forth? thanks so much for any responses!



Re: Send audio from Fireface UFX+ to Madiface

The MADI latency can be disregarded completely (6 samples or so). It's all about the software buffers (latency) on the MADIface side, these will determine the overall delay to hear the processed ProTools signal. Should be no problem, though.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Send audio from Fireface UFX+ to Madiface

Thanks for the response!  Very helpful.