Topic: Reordering Inputs and Outputs in TotalMix FX Display

I believe this question has been asked in the past and the answer has been no. Any chance this capability will ever be added, ie Can there be there some way of remapping H/W inputs and outputs to channel strip slot positions on the TotalMix FX mixer display (perhaps using the Channel Layout menu)? This would be a great help for usability for the purposes of keeping drum mic channels together, or keeping all vocal mics together, or keeping all guitars together, or keeping all keyboards, etc. This would especially help with making live mixing more user friendly.

Re: Reordering Inputs and Outputs in TotalMix FX Display

Ok -- hopefully 1 of the RME moderators will take a crack at this -- Let me rephrase my question  : Is there some RME hardware restriction or limitation that completely precludes the ability to add (in some future software/firmware update) a reordering or remapping capability of the H/W I/O channels to the TMFX display positions?