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Topic: CoVid Stuff


Admin permitting, Let me have my say here if you will.

It Troubles me to see an otherwise Lively, and Energetic group largely Quieted by recent events.   Trust me...the RME User Forum is 100% compliant with "Social Distancing" 

It hurts to see my EU Friends virtually incarcerated in their Homes.

Music is your Medicine, and whether you're a Home HiFi user, or an Audio Professional, there is inspiration to be found in these Days.

Bear with Me People!

Let's Team up, and be the BEST Forum on Earth. Post Freely, with No Fear of Infection!

Turn on some Music!!!!


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Re: CoVid Stuff


thanks for your kind words and encouraging post! Nevertheless I have to say: no Corona threads in this forum, please. We do not have a 'lounge' section for stuff like that, and we will not have, as we simply don't have the time to take care of that.

Thanks for your understanding and stay safe and healthy!

Matthias Carstens