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Now that Reaper, Bitwig, Tracktion, Ardour etc is available under Linux and plugin developers are starting to release Linux versions of their plugins or are considering doing so, is RME considering making their configuration tools and drivers available under Linux?


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We think about this from time to time, but most often we simply don't have the time left to even start it.

Matthias Carstens

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It is great to hear that you think about it every now and then but sad that you don't have the time to make it a reality. What would have to be done/change/etc to make it possible?

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I've been keeping an eye on Linux for many years and I think the time has finally come for me to drop Windows. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but I've been holding back mostly because of the lack of a viable DAW for me on the platform. Now both reaper and bitwig is on there, two really good DAWs and more developers seem to pay more attention to the platform.

I'd love for RME to take the lead here so I can bring my babyface pro with me when I buy a new laptop with Linux in a month or two!

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MC wrote:

We think about this from time to time, but most often we simply don't have the time left to even start it.

Being a Linux user since 1996 I mainly chose the Babyface Pro because of the usb compliant mode, but it is just not enough. I'm not the only one in the same situation.
Having the software ported to Linux would be a big purchase decision maker for many.

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Please consider it!
At least open-source the protocols used between totalmix and the hardware so we can control it ourselves...

No one seems to care (except XMOS which are doing a great job on some DJ-mixer systems that just works!)

I don't get why the hardware controls such as gain, phantom etc isn't exposed via UAC Feature units, then it would work out-of-the-box with ALSA Mixer for instance. Just the way USB Audio device Class was designed to work.

MOTU has the same lockdown and weird proprietary control software... I really hope there is a soundcard maker that realizes this soon and just drop the fuzz and makes a rock solid USB soundcard which is 100% class compliant.

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I can say to having been very happy with the hdsp 9632 until ubuntu 14.04 and avlinux 6.0.4. - after came the alsa-tools-gui that showed me the internal stereo as 6.1 without any way to change it, plus stuttering on every new clip. so on newer distros hdsp became useless.

since ardour is available for free on linux as the ladspa plugins, the old versions allow to run simple productions. if you are producing like cinema sound, the lack of professional gear is able to destroy all creativity and linux shouldn't be on the daily scedule anymore.

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Hi guys,

I am a mastering engineer, located in Berlin, Köthenerstrasse (Emil-Berliner-Studios, Hansa Studios). I mastered about 150 albums in the last 20 years and for several reasons, the time has come for me (and many others in the music production industry) to switch to linux. A lot has been done on the DAW side lately. Reaper, Ardour, Bitwig, thousands of plugins. The pro audio linux community is growing rapidly - as I could see, attending the latest linux audio conference in Berlin. I am very tired of being trapped in update cycles (especially avid) and having to setup new systems every once in a while.

The missing link for now is professional hardware support. I am using a HDSPe MADI FX. As I allways relied on rme products, because of their fantastic drivers and rock solid integration, I would love to see RME provide drivers, totalmix and digicheck for linux systems.

As a fan and supporter of open software, I wish RME would consider making the communication protocols between software and hardware open source! In my eyes it's a win-win: RME sells hardware and even more developers would consider RME for their projects if the software would be open.

Even if you choose not to release your own software for linux, please make the needed protocols open, so the linux community can take care of it - you can only win by this.

Thanks for your time!
Take care.

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Even the main developer of Reaper, Justin Frankel, has switched to Linux:

...and he's using RME hardware, of course!

If RME wants to keep the source code closed, there are nowadays many solutions on Linux to provide simple packages that work out-of-the box, with all dependencies included in it, as in Windows:
Canonical snap, Appimage, flatpack...

Maybe open a crowd founding campaign to know if you can hire one good Linux developer to work with the ALSA team!
Or go your own way without ALSA...

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Re: Official Linux drivers/tools a possibility?

Which Linux distribution does he run ?

Which Linux Distribution(s) would/could act as a "reference platform" ?
Which kind of Linux Distribution would be an ideal reference platform ? Rolling release ? If yes: which ?

How many package formats should be supported ? All major ones ?
DPKG (Debian), RPM (Redhat), Pacman (ArchLinux), Zypper (OpenSuse), Portage (Gentoo), ...

Who is responsible for the quality, if things do not work ?

Who is respnsible for the support. You can't dictate a customer which distribution to take.
At the end it comes back to you. Esp. if the customer pays quite a lot for RME hardware.
Thats different from the usual situations, that most people that use Linux us free software.

When companies have to deal with things like this some companies drew already the decision to build a
Linux Distribution of their own to have the control and only need to support one Linux.
Best examples for this are:
- RedHat
- Oracle
- Steam (SteamOS)
Steam for example only supports Ubuntu and their SteamOS.

You see what I mean, it's not so easy, although I also would be very glad to have Linux as alternative.
But then I would still require Cubase and other ppl would require other major DAWs and VSTs ...

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@ ramses

yes, I principally agree with you. Building something for Linux is not easy because "Linux" does not exist...
...only Linuxes exist!

But... did you try to install Reaper for Linux? If not, please try it, it takes about 2 min, included download time!
You only need to run the install script, that's all.

Reaper is not build against a distro in particular. The software brings its own toolkit and depends virtually on nothing else than itself.

So, if Cockos can do it for Reaper, why others not?!?

You could also use the Qt Framework and package the Qt libraries you need for your app.
QElectroTech:  (try the AppImage)

And with Qt, you can compile your app for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Developing apps for Linux: technical hurdles or policy issue?!?

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AFAIK, RME doesn't want to disclose the internals of their gear in proprietary mode. They must provide a kernel driver and making a closed-source kernel driver becomes harder and harder with every new release of the linux kernel.

PS. Nvidia closed source drivers is a special case and God only knows how they manage all the licensing and technical issues.

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I too want linux drivers for my BabyFace Pro! Please!  smile

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rugubara wrote:

AFAIK, RME doesn't want to disclose the internals of their gear in proprietary mode

Being en embedded systems designer, I can fully appreciate their work. And I think they are the best.
But I don't see anything magic in stuffing bits the best way to communicate between an audio interface and a PC CPU.
At most they do something clever to minimize clock jitter between their FPGA and the host CPU.
But there are no secrets in the electronic world:

I've been using a Fireface 800, which runs perfectly in Debian.
I wanted to upgrade to an UFX+, but the lack of control of said interface is a show-stopper.
I wrote a simple service that listens to an old midi keyboard to switch instrument input options, phantom power, sets outputs for monitoring and a few other things like that in a few hours. Not being able to do that kind of thing would make the UFX+ a downgrade over the FF800.

The saddest thing about this is that I came to know RME because of their linux support ...

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i find it unbelievable that RME still doenst support linux in 2020. im making electronic music and am on linux since 2007 with a fireface 800, currently on manjaro. i easily have 30% more processing power on my machine compared to the evil blue and white. AND THEY STILL DONT SUPPORT ME?

i have a general rule not to buy from anybody who does not support the public domain idea so that upsets me regularly. so last week i finally sold my fireface 800 and am done with RME. i dont think they will ever get it ... bye and good luck!

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Re: Official Linux drivers/tools a possibility?

Don't forget to send such messages to Steinberg, Protools and all other major DAW vendors
and not to forget to all the companies who do not support linux as well for VST and VSTi.

Many thanks for your kind support upfront.

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So Cockos and Harrison aren't major vendors?

Steinberg and Avid are horrible companies. I wouldn't touch their products with a ten foot pole. Maybe I'll just have to replace my current interface with a brand that does understand it's not all about the money. Just like my current Mac will not be replaced by any Apple product. And I've been a Mac user for over 30 yeqrs...