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Topic: Digicheck Totalyser Spectral unprecise?

Hi Guys,

I was testing the DigiCheck capabilities and i discovered something strange.
I was playing only a sine wave in MaxMsp Software and the Spectral analyser showed me the actual frequency but beside that it was showing also some other 2-3 more frequencies - softer, not at the same volume.
How is this possible? A sine wave as we know is a single frequency.
Is there a bug in DigiCheck or is not such a precise tool?

Maybe i an setting something wrong. Try it yourself, im really curios about this.
Thank you for your feedback, have a great Week!

Greetings from Berlin,

Edit: I did the same in Logic pro and got the same result.
Don't know how to post the foto here for you to see exactly (i'm new in the forum)

Re: Digicheck Totalyser Spectral unprecise?

Is this forum still active??


Re: Digicheck Totalyser Spectral unprecise?

DIGICheck includes a help, you might read in there 2 chapters about the Spectral Analyzer.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Digicheck Totalyser Spectral unprecise?

Excellent thread..!!!