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Topic: MADI daisy-chaining vs. MADI/ADAT combi

Hi there,

so far I only used the MADIface Pro with one Antelope Orion 32. Now I plan to add another converter for more analog inputs.

One interesting option is e.g. the old SSL Alpha-Link MADI SX, which offers 24 analog I/O + AES/EBU connections.
While this could be nice to have in the future, a simple 16 I/O ADAT-converter connected to the Orion would be all i need at the moment, keeping the MADI connection between the MF Pro and the Orion simple.

Do you see any disadvantages with MADI daisy-chaining compared to this or is there something else to consider that I might not have thought of when choosing a converters for MADI-daisy-chaining?