Topic: RayDat Toslink switcher

I am using ONE Raydat in a PC. Now I have not enough channels for my studio. So I came up with the idea
to use a switcher to switch between two adat intefaces (Behringer ADA 8200), so I can use eighter the 8
inputs from the one ADA or the other (I have already 4 ADA 8200 connected and have a 5th one!!).
I only use the others from time to time and NOT at once. I also dont want to use an addional mixer.

Does anoone know a switcher where I can switch between 2 adat (toslink) inputs to one output (connected to the raydat)?

I found some toslink switches on amazon/ebay for about 20€ but they "only" work with LPCM2.0, DTS und Dolby-AC3.
Any idea?

Thnaks in advance

Re: RayDat Toslink switcher

These Toslink switches are not active devices, are they? They just switch the optical transmission. Try it out, might also just work with ADAT....

Daniel Fuchs

Re: RayDat Toslink switcher

Hi Daniel,
thanks... it´seems they are active, cause they need a power supply. Like this: … 3092868466

Best is to try a devide, if no one had the same problem and in the meanwhile a solution... ?

Re: RayDat Toslink switcher

I use several of these mechanical optical switches. Around 10 € for a 3-way switch. Works perfectly for ADAT.

like this one: … B00104XCWS