Topic: HDSP 9652 glitching with Cubase SX

Hi there

I have a HDSP 9652.  Its been working great with Cubase SX on my PC which is Windows XP.

I know its all very old stuff (more than 10 yrs old)  -  but its been working fine.

But I was messzing around with teh cables at the back of the computer and and the O1V96 mixer and something has changed.
The sound within Cubase SX is now glitching out alwasy as I play it back.

I can remember this kind of thing happening and it usually was a Word clock / Sync issue but i cant see a problem
i am far from expert at this stuff !!  i set it up years ago and it worked and thats it now i cant remember anything

Ive spent hours trying to figure out what it is and I just cannot find out the problem!!   its really frustrating !!:((((

could someone please  help!!


Re: HDSP 9652 glitching with Cubase SX


Yeah, it sounds like a clocking issue!

So, first of all, do you have anything else connected to the 9652, apart from the mixer?

If not, the basic idea with digital connections, is that you set one device as Clock Master and the other as Slave.
Preferably, the audio interface should be set as Master, in order to not having to switch sample rates, manually!

Also, just for reference, you need to connect the ADAT Out of the 9652 to the ADAT In of the mixer, and the ADAT Out of the mixer to the ADAT In of the 9652, set the clock in the RME Settings to "Internal", and then, in the Settings of the mixer, set the Clock to "ADAT In".

I don't own neither the 9652, nor the mixer, so if you 'd require further assistance, I will check the manual of the mixer!

Hope, this helps!

Re: HDSP 9652 glitching with Cubase SX

thanks very much for the response.

i found the issue!   The digital cables have worn out and some of them arent functioning properly any more.   
swapping a good cable in at a few ports fixed the issue. 

strange because i would have expected those cables to either work or not work.  but the effect was more to glitch out the audio...

anyway. got it sorted thanks again for the help


Re: HDSP 9652 glitching with Cubase SX

by the way i use the o1v96 as the WordClock source it seems to work.

the o1v96 is set to Internal wordclock.  that is sent out the Wordclock port of the o1v96 and then the RME is set to Slave  from the o1v96 clock.

Re: HDSP 9652 glitching with Cubase SX

You 're welcome!

Glad, you 've fixed it!

Regarding Master and Slave clocking, it works with either the 9652 or the mixer set as Master, and the other set as Slave. You don't, necessarilly, have to set the 9652 as Master!

Just don't forget to change sample rates on your mixer, as per different projects requirements!
If you 're working, strictly, on a fixed sample rate, then no need for that, either!