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Topic: Cold Start Problems HDSP Madi (PCI)

here some details:

Hello I have the following problem in my recording studio computer

Win7 64bit SP1
Asus Z97-K
SSD hard disk

There is one

RME HDSP MADI card installed (PCI - slot 1)
this is connected to an Antelope Orion 32 via MADI (optical) and blocked via Word Clock (BNC)
Master is the Orion (sample rate: 44.1kHz)

RME driver is 4.30
RME firmware: 207

now to the problem:

After a cold start (PC was disconnected from the power), Win starts up normally
however, the RME card cannot be synced No matter what I change on the card (software) or on the Antelope Orion 32
only after I shut down the computer and start it again (sometimes several times) does the card recognize the Orion and sync itself.


Of course, I've already tried a few things:
-Driver Uninstalled (newest / older version)
-Card in another PCI slot
-Card cleaned (compressed air and isopropyl contacts)
-Try all the sync scenarios, sometimes the RME as master, sometimes the Orion, sometimes with MADI Sync, sometimes with word clock
-I also completely disconnected the Orion. Same problem after cold start.
-A loop connection with MADI made (IN to OUT) same problem after cold start
-Firmware updated RME + Orion 32

My guess:
- The Antelope Orion 32 is definitely fully functional
- Since the RME card works when you restart it, it is probably not defective (maybe ELKOS?)
- Problems in Win7
- Settings on the RME Panel / Digicheck / Totalmix
- BIOS settings / problems
- CMOS battery
- maybe i do some failure in the connection to Orion 32 ?

Thank you for any possible solutions.

Re: Cold Start Problems HDSP Madi (PCI)

Also some strange stuff:

After i delete the Windows Update (KB 3033929 + KB2685813) to test it (heard some stories about some ASIO bugs)

Win don't find the Card its says Digital Driver Signature needed .. (and i don't can open the DSP)

after i reinstall the two Updates it works but with the same problems as before ..

before i send the Card to RME i like to try all i can

- i read about some revisions(Modifications) with some buffer Elkos because of the Power Supply can have some low voltage in the startup .. maybe its the Problem ?

- Maybe some strange Win 7 / Bios Settings ?

sorry for my manny questions .. i drives me nuts ... to restart the PC manny times to start work ..