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Can someone help me please.

I just bought a HDSP 9652.

I connected to the ADAT1 out an optical cable to my Amp.

I just send to ADAT  1/2 software plaback a song (via WinAMP)

And my Hardware outputs has been put has default ADAT 1 in TOtalMix console.

Everything is green I saw signal on the console of Totalmix but no sound in my AMP (out of ADAT1)

Someone can solve this issue ?

Thank you for your help

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Re: No sound

Find / solved after my snapshoot smile

It was the option SPDIF Out was not selected to ADAT1.

Very strange option ....

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It's not a strange option, at all! smile
Actually, it 's a very thoughtful one!

It's just that ADAT and SPDIF are different protocols. ADAT is a stream of 8 channels, whether SPDIF is 2 channels(stereo). But the same Optical connection is used for both!

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Re: No sound

Hello MetalHeadKeys,

Yeah But my Amp is not connected physically with a cable to SPDIF out on the card but to ADAT 1 out ...

It should be better and more logical to write ADAT 1 at the top of the option description (instead SPDIF Out) and selection can be SPDIF as protocol ...

anyway I found it smile


Re: No sound

Reading the manual would have helped. Writing ADAT1 on the top is just wrong. Try to understand what these options do and mean.

Matthias Carstens