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I'm using the rme 400 nomrally with my computer. But I wan't to use it in standalone mode. When I start it without the computer I only get the audio in one earphone (right) . But using the same setup with the computer I get audio in both earphones (left & right)

I don't understand where I need to change settings for this

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The routing is set in Totalmix. If this is your first time, I'd watch all of these first:

Routing, simple:

The rest of RME's tutorials:

Any questions left? Come back here.

Years ago, TotalMix and RME's soft in general annoyed me. Because I didn't grok it. Now that I have a FF400 in daily use, it's a jiffy big_smile

Once you get the click, it's all simple.

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Thanks for your input, yes I'lll need to watch these.

I hade the inteface for many years, and learned how to set it up once. But recent years only used it in daw.-mode so I don't need to do any advanced routijgs. But for the stand alone mode I uess I need to rerout stuff so need to re-educate myself little


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You also have to flash the current settings from the Settings dialog, especially sample rate, into the unit.

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Hi Ololi,

Regarding DAW mode: TM FX is extremely powerful and you loose a lot of functionality with DAW mode.
Put it like this .. "incremental knowledge". Get some basic stuff 1st and then advance piece by piece wink
Once you know some basics, then the more advanced features are not that hard anymore if you "digest" it in small portions.

EDIT: maybe this is also helpful to you:

I put together some steps for a nice basic setup: … rnal-equi/

And a list of all RME youtube lessons, that are short "to the point" and very helpful to get a brief overview about "whats possible" and how: … al-Videos/

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Ololi, maybe to illustrate this by a "real-life example", why TM FX is so extremely useful and powerful
and why I couldn't live without it anymore wink

My latest improvements in my personal TM FX setting was, to differentiate audio streams into three categories:
- Sound from OS to AN 1/2 (WDM)
- Sound from MusicBee Audio Player to AN 3/4 (ASIO)
- Sound from Games to AN 5/6 (WDM)

These audio streams appear in TM FX in the middle row (Software Playback Channels) not on the real HW outputs.
By this really "genious concept" you have now the possibility to perform the final routing decision.

My demand was to play a computer game and listen to a Youtube Tutorial about this game where I only needed selective information and to have some nice background music.

With TotalMix FX in submix mode its very easy to get a proper mix, that all three is possible.
You click on the HW output for e.g. your speakers and then move the fader of AN 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 to get the perfect mix, so that you can play the game, listen to the youtube tutorial and getting some nice background music.

For recording I am using my RME setup in the following way, maybe this gives you also some nice ideas and inspirations: … -DURec-DE/

Enjoy !

EDIT: there are certainly many use cases for routing in the DAW, but then audio has always to be transferred with the known RTL that can be higher or lower depening on your requirements for ASIO buffersizes.

For some applications its really wanted or even needed, that you can perform near-realtime monitoring directly between HW inputs and HW outputs.
Or even a mix of a backing track coming from the DAW and then using near-realtime monitoring capabilities with routing inside of the recording interface with TM FX.

I hope this encourages you to just try a little bit more, I think it's worth it.

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I just thought it was strange that the headphone audio (1 channel) drops out in stand alone mode. Biut I guess I have some strage setup stored on it, that I need to "read" to see how it's setup in the internal memory of the unit

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And of courrse: thanks for all the great and helpful messages. I will try to reprogram the settings.