Topic: Dummy housing for expansion boards

Looking at regular pc cases, the rear expansion slots (often no more than 7) struggle to accomodate a scheme of multiple analog i/0 expansion boards, especially with a GPU blocking at least 2 slots.
Cramming all boards into the remaining real estate causes thermal issues, so I am looking at housing the expansions externally (e.g. AI4S/192 AIO, AEB4-I  etc). Cable length calls for vicinity placing (I would drill holes if need be), I was going to manufacture a case accomodating the dummy slot connectors holding the expansion boards in place, such cases are being marketed but they are expensive due to (I assume) connectivity to the mainboard, something I wouldn't be needing.
Is there a template/idea/product I overlooked, for this purpose? thanks.

Re: Dummy housing for expansion boards

Does your machine have 5.25" drive bays ?

If so you can mount the expansion boards in 5.25" blanking panels cut out to fit board.
Including in the original packaging for an AI4S I bought I seem to recall a paper template to aid doing this.

Re: Dummy housing for expansion boards

thanks for your idea, I will ponder that. I would prefer to have it all "sticking out in the back", rather than connect audio cables front and rear.
I see that larger pc housings now sport vertical slots in addition to the horizontal ones, in the back. That solves the rear connectivity, but the internal board fixation issue is still open.