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Topic: HDSP 9652, legacy PCI motherboards, PCI - PCIE adapters etc..

After having spent considerable time looking around for legacy PCI slot mobos the last couple of weeks, I've decided to go with adapters for my 9652s when upgrading my PC the coming days. Sure, there are mobos out there, but settling for either one of them implies too many compromises for my taste, both performance-wise, stability-wise, and with regards to future upgradability. The AM4-socket Asus Prime X370 looked like a winner for a long time, until I realized it needs a BIOS update right out of the box to accept the latest Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. No problem updating BIOS as such, however, a previous generation (Ryzen) CPU is required for the update process to run.
A handful other mobos I found would accept 8th and/or 9th gen Intel Core CPUs, but were based on either the Bxxx or Hxxx chipset, both of which are considerably more modestly spec'd and lacking in performance compared to Zxxx chipset mobos, and don't support overclocking.

Eventually I ditched the whole PCI-slot mobo idea, and started searching for adapter/conversion solutions instead. That proved quite fruitful rather quickly. There are actually loads of alternatives out there, everything from simple, basic and really cheap to complex, multipurpose and really expensive, internal, external, USB, fiberoptic, you name it. I've compiled a list of links to some of them below, hope it'll be useful.

https://www.newegg.com/startech-com-mod … 6815158165

https://www.newegg.com/startech-com-mod … 2F89194150

https://www.newegg.com/riitop-model-pci … 6V89BE9588


https://www.amazon.de/MagiDeal-Express- … M39JDKHW0X

https://www.coolgear.com/product/pci-ex … ansion-box

https://www.coolgear.com/product/pcie-t … ansion-box

https://www.coolgear.com/product/pcie-t … ponent-kit

https://www.amfeltec.com/products/pci-e … i-adapter/

http://www.istarusa.com/en/istarusa/pro … D-00211-C9

http://www.istarusa.com/en/istarusa/pro … =DD-631-CX

https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/riser-ca … 20179.html

https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/riser-ca … dr::120179

https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/riser-pc … dr::120177

https://www.dhgate.com/product/pci-expr … 31314775:5

https://rackmountmart.stores.yahoo.net/ … ciexx.html

https://rackmountmart.stores.yahoo.net/ … ciexx.html

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Re: HDSP 9652, legacy PCI motherboards, PCI - PCIE adapters etc..

I'm in a similar position: 2x hdsp 9652 that I'd like to use in a modern pcs.
I do not like any of the riser/addon pcie->pci bridge cards at all. There's too much mucking around with actually mouting the card.

A well-bridged mATX motherboard is all I seek.

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Re: HDSP 9652, legacy PCI motherboards, PCI - PCIE adapters etc..

I have experimented with a Z97 chipset motherboard from Gigabyte.
Running a 9652 along side a Babyface Pro, both with zero wdm devices and comparing live vst playback using Cantabile.
I find that the 9652 is 5-10% worse than the BF Pro.
Possibly not the best pcie->pci bridging and also excellent usb drivers for the BF Pro.