Topic: RME suggestions for ITB production & mixing on headphones


I've built a dedicated sound design computer, using a 9900K Intel processor, 1 TB SSD drive, Gigabyte mobo, 32 GB of RAM and running Windows 10 Home 64-bit.  The machine is almost completely silent, as there are no noisy fans from a separate Graphics card or any spinning harddrives (I'm using the Intel 630 graphics, integrated with the CPU,  for 1920x1080 display). It's a dedicated machine for in-the-box audio production, especially for sound design using virtual instruments/softsynths.

The only external gear currently connected via a USB2 cable is a Novation Ultranova synth, which also acts as the audio interface for this computer using the Novation ASIO drivers. Connected to the Ultranova is my Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones (80 Ohm).

The system is optimized and now very stable but I'd like to have a better audio interface than the one integrated with the Novation Ultranova synth. I need the shortest distance travelling path possible between the VST instrument sound and my headphones, so a very good digital to analog converter that makes everything crystal clear in my headphones (i.e. no hiss, glitches, etc).

Also I'd like to be able to route "virtual cables" (so to speak, I mean pure digital internal routing) so I could send the audio from e.g. 32 discrete stereo channels from Renoise into Mixbus 32C and mix everything there. I don't know if this is possible with RME TotalMix or not. Then finally I also need to have ultralow latency ASIO drivers, right now I'm at 5ms @256 samples with the Ultranova ASIO drivers.

Is there any RME product that could satisfy these above needs and make my ITB sound design experience a little bit better...? Or would you say I don't need a RME interface (internal or external) at all?

Any suggestions is appreciated!