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Topic: Digicheck NG (MAC) is it Pre Fader or Post Fader?


I'm running 2 Mac Worckstation in my studio that are using UCX & Babyface. On my UCX I managed to set the DIGICHECK to receive the loopback from my main out (SPDIF) PRE FADER (This is the way I think it should work when we mix on DAW, so I could turn up & down my listening volume but does't affect the analyser in DIGICHECK. I don't know what I did differently but I couldn't get the DIGICHECK to analyze PRE FADER on my Babyface workstation

I think did all the same setting & routing. I sent my A/N 1-2 (SPotify, Youtube etc) & DAW output software playback to SPDIF (which is my main out). Hit the loopback button on the main out on the control room section. On Digicheck I set the input to receive from SPDIF L & R. It works pre fader on UCX workstation.

I even managed to get all my 5.1 channel to be sent to DIGICHECK pre fader so that i could group all my 5.1 output & have them turn up & down without affecting the signal on DIGICHECK on UCX system.

Did I missed something that on the Babyface machine the Digicheck couldn't receive the signal pre fader? Post fader works fine btw, and I also understand that you can make an unused channel to be the loopback channel to send the signal to Digicheck. This way the signal on Digicheck will remain the same at all the time.