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Topic: What would be a good price for a used UFX?

Since the UFX is out of production I thought I'd ask before buying one. I see used UFXs being sold for various prices out there. I have my own thoughts on this of course, but what do you guys think would be a good price for a used UFX these days (and of course there would be tax on top of that)?

Re: What would be a good price for a used UFX?

this is a difficult question wink But:
The price new was about 2000 Euro in Germany (inkl. VAT). So a "netto" price here in Germany was 1680 Euro.
For second hand gear - especialy when out of production i would not pay more than 50% of the "netto" price.
that would mean a price of about 840 Euro is a "fair" price from a privat retailer.
With RME its a bit special, because they have an excellent driver policy. I can still use i.e. my UFX in a PC with Windows 10
I think this is outstanding for "digital" products, where product cycles are so short nowadays .
So the value i estimate higher. I personally would pay about 1000 Euro for a device in a good condition.
I have a UFX and its one of my best devices, and i bought it new, i think 2012.
So observe the prices of the device, and if you have luck you get one for about 900 Euros.
Hope my personal and subjective answer helps a bit,