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Topic: Octamic XTC digital routing problems

Hallo. I recently bought Octamic XTC and Madiface Pro and waiting for the Micstasy. I am a bit new in the RME family and not totally familiar with Total mix FX.
I have some problems to make the following chain work.
I need to connect Lynx Aurora converter via AES/UBU and MOTU 896MK3 via ADAT to Octamic XTC -- Octamic XTC to Mdiface Pro via MADI -- Mdiface Pro via USB to MacBook Pro. In total 24 audio channels. It's an orchestra recording project.
So I have linked all together this way:
Aurora to XTC with AES/EBU ALVA cable tascam/tascam 25 pin out, 896MK3 ADAT out (toslink) to XTC ADAT IN, XTC MADI douplex (in out) to Madiface Pro, Madiface to Mac using its own USB cable.

Then I went to the SETUP menu on the XTC to route everything.
Here I find ADAT OUT 1 and 2,  AES OUT 1 and 2 which I can route everywhere, at the bottom Rec, which I can route everywhere  and in the middle each group of MADI 8 channels (1/64) which is locked, I can't route it anywhere.

It was told me to route MADI to AES IN. That's also reported in the manual:
"ADAT Out Sets the signal source of the ADAT output. Choices are Mic 1-8, ADAT In, AES In, MADI In in groups of eight, Playback 1-8, 5-12, 9-16,13-20, 17-24.
MADI 1-8 etc See  ADAT  Out.  All  eight  8-channel  groups  of  the  MADI output can be freely assigned to the above signal sources."

but nothing happen when I turn the knob and try to change the parameters in the menu MADI 1-8. This menu is locked MADI 1-8 -- M 1-8

Can somebody explain me how to proceed.

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Re: Octamic XTC digital routing problems

Hi Carlo,

check also manual ch 10.1 in regards to this

Auto-ID automatically determines the MADI ID, if you have multiple devices connected to the bus.

Auto-CA additionally sets the routing for devices depending on their MADI ID/position on the MADI bus / chain of devices. Because of this "static setting" you were unable to create a customized routing.

So pls. change the setup of the XTC to allow a customized routing. Automatical MADI ID detection is still fine for your setup:

          Setup->Options->MADI Settings: "Auto-CA" ----> "Auto-ID"

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