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I’m trying to hook up my Genelec 5.1 monitor setup to my Mac. I have an UAD Apollo x8p interface which delivers 8ch ADAT to the RME ADI-4 DD through two optical cables. I have managed to get green sync and signal LEDs on both these on the ADÌ-4. I also get an AES signal out of the one XLR output on the ADÌ-4. It’s screamingly loud, but I get sound in my monitor.

My question is: how can I get the other 7 channels of AES out of the ADÌ-4? I have tried using a Tascam compatible (at least I think it is) breakout cable which goes from the DSUB25 connector on the ADÌ-4 to 8 male XLR. None of these seem to feed an AES signal to my monitors.

Is what I’m trying to do here at all possible? Can the ADÌ-4 actually convert 8ch ADAT to 8ch AES? If so, what kind of connections, cables, breakout boxes do I need?

Any hints and advice most appreciated!

Re: ADI-4 DD 8ch AES out

Most likely the problem is that DSUB cable. These can be in several different configurations, you need to make sure it's a digital AES/EBU cable with TASCAM pinout, rather than TDIF, Analog or YAMAHA AES pinout.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: ADI-4 DD 8ch AES out

I’ve got this one: … le-1m/2HRS

It says optimized for Tascam, so it seems to be the right thing. And the ADÌ-4 is supposed to be configured for Tascam by default I think. But I can’t figure out how the 8 xlrs are connected to the DSUB25. If I look at the diagram in the ADÌ manual, only “half” of the DSUB25 is used for output, the other half for input. This only makes sense if the xlrs are stereo. In that case, I will need XLR stereo to mono splitters before going to the monitors. I’ll try that out...


Re: ADI-4 DD 8ch AES out

And Bingo! Digital Tascam D-sub has 4 XLR female and 4 XLR male. So how can this cable be correct?

Matthias Carstens