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Topic: D to D converter

I noticed following device is converting D to D (SPDIF),
I link directly to the Marmitek TC22 pdf manual https://www.marmitek.com/media/2088/081 … cument.pdf

What worries me slightly is that they write about a signal boost to enable longer cable runs.

As I have this around, how to check and/or make sure it does not degrade the signal by resampling or reclocking?
I would like to integrate it to translate SPDIF coax into SPDIF optical.


Re: D to D converter

This unit does not include reclocking or resampling. Because of that it supports anything - SPDIF and ADAT and so on. The only thing unclear is what TOSLINKs they use. Most end at 96 kHz sample rate. Only special versions can do 192 kHz, something that is never mentioned or guaranteed with these cheap small units.

Matthias Carstens