Topic: MyBabyFace Pro RME will not let me record

I am new to the BabyFace Pro device - and the RME Totalmix FX. However, I managed to set it up so that I could record using Logic (simple track - only one (dynamic) microphone, which is what I need at the moment).
I use a Mac.
When I unplugged the BabyFace from my Mac today, and then plugged it back on, I found that it will not interact with the microphone. I have not changed anything on the device, or in the Totalmix FX. I have checked everything - including rebooting the Mac, the program, updating the Totalmix FX etc, etc, etc. Any suggestions?


Re: MyBabyFace Pro RME will not let me record

Have you also checked if Logic still has access to audio in System preferences/Privacy & security?