Topic: RME Adi-2 FS new owner

I ordered a demo unit and came in time for Christmas. Am using it with 230volts and noticed that all the panel lighted up and heard some popping sound in my speaker. The issue is intermittent and this unit doesn’t come with a power on/off.

Wrote back to Sweetwater if this is a faulty/defective item. I used a step down transformer and so far working Normal now. Anyone encounter this issue before?

Secondly, I read the online manual few times and still can’t understand the clock setting- as in what’s the best setup for sound quality.

Same with the analog input level setting and I just put it under dig.

As for the analog input, I plan to use it for turntable but not sure what type of connector would fit the analog input if it’s xlr, Quarter inch jack etc.

Appreciate any guidance