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I have an ADI-2 Pro FS that I'm using for it's spectacular reproduction of music from my PC via USB to a pair of monitors and headphones. I'm exploring recording voice and have my eyes set on an external mic pre that has XLR line output. My question is.. am I able to connect an external mic pre via XLR line out to the ADI-2 Pro FS line in and be able to hear my voice from the mic pre (monitoring) AND sound coming from the PC at the same time via the headphone out on the ADI-2 Pro FS?

I know there are dedicated audio interfaces, but I wanted to avoid having to have two separate devices connected to my PC and having to switch the output whenever I wanted to listen to music.


Re: ADI-2 Pro FS with external mic pre

I was in the exact same situation with same question few months ago (started with ADI-2 PRO Fs to listen to music but wanted to do some simple recording as well) and it turned out the best solution for this scenario (in my case to also record guitar in addtion to voice) was to get RME UCX (although Babyface would have worked as well). @ramses has a lot of great info about this (there are other more expensive RME solutions as well that fit this scenario). Summary is that only UCX is connected to the PC via USB (and UCX has master clock), where ADI is connected to UCX via ADAT or SPDIF (and your monitors are still connected to ADI2 - that does not change but ADI2 has clock in slave mode - it gets clock from UCX). … rP6Jd-f1nD

Re: ADI-2 Pro FS with external mic pre

For your first steps you can use the monitoring function in your DAW.
This means, mixing music and your voice for the monitoring is done in your recording software.
This works best if you install the ADI-2 Pro’s ASIO drivers.